A5 Cyan Hardcover - Notebloc
A5 Cyan Hardcover - Notebloc

A5 Cyan Hardcover

The Notebloc Cyan Hardcover notebook is the perfect choice for those looking for elegance and sophistication as well as great functionality and comfort.

This is a superb quality notebook that responds to the demands of professionals who require a unique, practical and durable notebook to write on or sketch. Thanks to the weight of its paper (100 gsm), it allows the use of all types of ink. On the other hand, the lay-flat binding offers a complete notebook opening, which provides great comfort when writing or drawing.
The pages of these Notebloc notebooks are printed in 4 models: inverted grid, inverted lines, inverted dots and plain paper in a pale gray tone. All of them are designed to be digitized with the mobile scanner app Notebloc, that you can use to digitally save a copy of your notebook, as well as share it online.

Notebloc hardcover main features:
  • Covers: Hardcover lined in Winter Company Skivertex paper
  • Cover material color: Black
  • Notebloc logo embossed on the cover.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Elastic band.
  • Bookmark.
  • Writing paper: Fedrigoni Splendorgel paper, acid free.
  • Paper weight: 100 gsm
  • Number of pages: 128
  • Size: 210 mm x 148 mm (A5)
  • Bound: lay-flat binding, offering complete horizontal opening.
  • Designed and produced in Barcelona