Paper notebooks for the digital era

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You will get even better scan results using the Notebloc notebooks. Also, thanks to our special inverted grid paper, it will be much easier for you to read and review your handwritten notes. The grid will help you write or draw, but its lines will not interfere your creations once you review them.

👉We only make useful tools. If you think that the Notebloc app is useful, you should definitely try our notebooks.

What is Notebloc about?

We believe in the power of paper: this very ancient tool that helps to write down ideas, to sketch, to simply make a pen or pencil dance on it and create amazing stuff. That's why we do notebooks.

We love technology and innovation. That's why we have our own app to scan, save and share your notes and creations. Get the Notebloc app for free at Google Play and App Store.

Get the full Notebloc experience by combining our products. Scan your Notebloc with our app to remove the grid background and save or share your ideas and art with anyone, anywhere.


"The grid paper of the Notebloc notebooks is really good for me to make wireframes, because I need the grid as a reference to draw straight and with perspective, taking into account the size of the icons and the fonts, etc. After I digitize my wireframes with the app from Notebloc and the background gets white (the grid is removed). This is perfect for me to share directly with my clients."
"Since I have tried the inverted grid, I haven't used regular grid paper again. It is much more comfortable for me to read my notes in the grid paper from Notebloc. Keep up the good work!"
"Notebloc in four words: the ultimate paper notebook"

The Notebloc app

Use the Notebloc app with any paper. You can download it for free and try it now. The app helps you scan, organize and share your notes. Keep your ideas and sketches handy in your phone. Review them wherever you are and wherever you go. Get best Notebloc app results by combining it with the Notebloc notebooks.
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The Inverted Grid paper

The pale gray background of our sheets improves the contrast between the ink and the paper. Your notes will stand out more than compared to any other traditional graph paper.