Some frequently asked questions about Notebloc:

1. Who uses Notebloc?

More than 150,000 members of the university community (professors + students) in Catalonia, Spain, use Notebloc. We are the main notebook supplier for the biggest public and private universities in that region. Notebloc is one of the very few notebook brands worldwide investing in innovation, which is one of the top decision triggers for members of any educational institution.

Apart from the educational field, our clients also include designers, architects, chemists, writers, artists, etc.

Thanks to the popularity of the Notebloc app, we are expanding our horizons and we are nowadays serving clients all around the world.

2. Where can I get Notebloc notebooks in my country?

Here!! We deliver worldwide. If your country is not listed in our shipping countries, just drop us a line and we will check the shipping rates for you.

3. The product description of all Notebloc notebooks states "printed in our inverted grid". What is this?

It is precisely a regular grid, but the other way around. So our paper sheets are fully painted in a pale gray color, while we leave the lines blank. This inverted way of painting a grid has three main benefits:

I.  When scanned using the Notebloc app, the grid lines disappear.

II. When photocopying papers printed in inverted grid, the grid lines are not visible in the copy.

III. The grid lines do not interfere your vision when writing, reading and/or when drawing.

4. Can I see more pictures of the Notebloc notebooks?

Of course. Check our Instagram profile. And if you even want to see more pics, just tell us and we will provide more images.

5. Where does Notebloc make its notebooks?

We love local products that can go global! So we work and live in Barcelona, where we make our notebooks. 

6. Who is behind Notebloc?

We are a team of very diverse people, coming from different countries and backgrounds. 

We love creativity and we believe in the connectivity of the offline and the online world. Also, we all share the same goal: making the best notebooks for the individuals that simply love to write and draw, whether for professional purposes or as a personal hobby :)

***Ask us any question that you'd like to see here and we will include it!***