Notebloc App: information and FAQ

Where do I find the Notebloc app?
You can download the Notebloc app from Google Play or from the App Store. The app is totally free for all our users.
How do I start using the Notebloc app?
Open the appl and press the camera icon. Start scanning your documents. The app also allows you to import images that you already have in your gallery.
How do I create new documents?
Every time you are on the main screen of the Notebloc app, if you press the camera icon or if you import pre-existing photos, a new document will be created.
However, if you enter an already created document, any new image you take or import will be added to the document where you are. 

Page Order: How to change the order of pages in a document?

This is a question that we are asked very often. Is it possible to re-order the pages of a document? The answer is YES and it's really easy.

1. To re-order the pages of a document, simply, press and hold your index finger to the page that you wish to move a few seconds. 

2. Drag the page into place. 

Screenshot of someone re-ordering the pages of a document 


 Set-up a default email recipient:

Do you usually send your scanned notes, documents or drawings to the same email address? Save some extra time by specifying a default email address. This way you do not have to type an email address every time you share a document. 

1. Press the menu button in the top-left corner. 

2. Open settings.

3. Scroll to the end of the page where it says "Default Email".

4. Set-up a Default Email of your choice, and also a Subject Name if you would like.