About Notebloc

What is Notebloc?

Notebloc is a brand of digitizable notebooks with its own app. We love writing and sketching. We also love technology. We embrace innovation. And with all this cocktail we were born in 2013 in Barcelona.
All our products are designed to be experienced to its best using our Notebloc mobile application, which allows you to convert your ideas, notes, drawings, sketches and diagrams into amazing digital documents (JPG or PDF) for you to bring anywhere.

The Notebloc mobile application is the result of our constant desire to innovate, as well as our desire to offer a unique experience and usability through the best and most pioneering writing and drawing tools.

Who is Notebloc?

Notebloc is formed by a team of creative professionals of different backgrounds, interests and nationalities, with a common goal: to make Notebloc the perfect companion for those who write down their ideas, notes, lists, thoughts, numbers, formula ... For those who writing and drawing is an essential part of their life. Therefore, we focus on creating and developing innovative products, high quality, elegantly designed which use cutting-edge technology, designed to inspire, share and help flourishing and enhancing creativity.

Do you need any help or additional information?

It is in our DNA to listen, talk and understand the needs of those who use notebooks and Notebloc application. All the feedback, ideas and comments that we receive are taken care of individually by our team and taken into account to continue evolving our products.
We invite you to get in touch to share your experience with us and know your ideas or possible questions: hola@notebloc.com